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30 September 2009 Bookmarklet

This bookmarklet opens a Word Reference popup window for the currently selected word on a page. Works in the same way as the Google Translate bookmarklets.

Word Reference Es-En
05/2010: updated to work on pages with frames


21 September 2009

Google Translate Popup Bookmarklet

These bookmarklets open a Google Translate popup for the currently selected text on a page. The only difference from the standard google translate bookmarklets is that these bookmarklets will also work on pages that use frames or inline frames, for example in gmail.

To use a bookmarklet drag the link (do not click) to you Favorites toolbar. Once you have added the icon to your toolbar, select some text (e.g. in Spanish) on a page and then click the bookmark icon.

To modify the language pair, edit the language code in the bookmarklet source from es|en to whatever language you want. Use auto to autodetect the source language.

Google Translate En-Es
Google Translate Es-En
Google Translate Any-En (autodetect)
Google Translate Any-Es (autodetect)

To see how this works select some text on this page and then click the link Google Translate En-Es to get a Spanish translation in a popup window.

To get more google translate buttons for more languages go to the google's own page at