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13 July 2016

Simple webserver with twisted

The Python oneliner webserver python -m SimpleHTTPServer (for Python 2.x) or python -m http.server (for Python 3.x) is useful in many scenarios, but sometimes it simply does not cut it because it is meant for development only, is not secure, and is single-threaded.

A better oneline webserver comes with Twisted, the library that the original bittorrent reference implementation was written in.
Installing twisted for the current user only:

pip install twisted --user

Installing twisted system-wide:

sudo pip install twisted

Once installed you can run the default twisted webserver with a command like twistd -n web --path . where the dot represents the current folder. Replace with an absolute path if you need.

The version below additionally displays the internal and external IP addresses, so that you can launch the server and instantly connect to it by entering the displayed IP on your mobile devices or another computers in the local network.

echo 'IP Address:' $(ifconfig | sed -En 's/;s/.*inet (addr:)?(([0-9]*\.){3}[0-9]*).*/\2/p'):8080
echo 'External IP:' $(wget -qO -):8080
twistd -n web --path .

In order to be able to connect via the external IP you'll need to set up port forwarding on your router as described at