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03 January 2009

Bookmarklet: GeoWhois for current page

Javascript bookmarklets: GeoIP, whois

Drag the link below (do not click) to you Favorites toolbar:


Whois (Firefox only, also works with selected text)

Whois (Firefox and IE)

Opera: Shift+drag the link to the toolbar

Firefox: Drag to Bookmarks panel (enable with View > Toolbars > Bookmarks)

Usage: To look up the domain of a page you are browsing simply click the bookmarklet in the Favorites toolbar. To lookup a URL that appears on a page, select the URL and click the bookmarklet in your Bookmarks bar (this only works with the Firefox-only bookmarklet).

In Firefox 3.x it is possible to drag the bookmarklet to any position you want, even to the menu bar. To do this, first add the bookmarklet to the Bookmarks bar, then right-click on the Firefox toolbar, select Customize, and drag the bookmarklet to wherever you want. After that you can disable the Bookmarks toolbar.

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