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28 May 2009

M4AtoMP3: Convert M4A files to MP3

I wanted to convert some M4A files to MP3, and found some examples of how to do it: Convert iTunes M4A files to MP3 on Linux, and especially Howto:convert aac/mp4 to wav/mp3/ogg on Linux.

The second link was close to what I wanted, and the script almost worked, but I wanted something even simpler, so here is the simplest script that worked for me. It converts all .M4A files in the current directory to MP3.

# Usage: run without arguments from the folder containing M4A files
# Uses faad and lame (sudo apt-get install faad lame)
shopt -s nocaseglob

for file in *.m4a ; do
  if [ -e "${file%%.*}.mp3" ]; then
    echo "file ${file%%.*}.mp3 already exists! skipping!" ;
  faad -o - $file | lame - "${file%%.*}.mp3" ;

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